About Us

Our Experience Helping People Succeed

Here's what we know.  Everyone has the ability to reach their highest potential if they have help removing the barriers, if they set positive goals and when they have a little support along the way.  As coaches, we are all that and more to our clients.

Founded in 1998, Hargrove Leadership Services rebranded in 2017 as Better Choices Group LLC offering programs such as AmpUP, FreshSteps, Team Development and POWER Resilience Training for First Responders.  

 Over the past twenty years, we’ve listened and learned from the educational, mental health, performance management communities and our clients to understand the most appropriate role we can play to support positive choices. 

Our approach is neuroscience-informed and evidence based. From corporate CEO’s to at risk students, our approach has consistently been to help our clients define their success outcomes: We ask  where do you want to go from here?” We remove the barriers—attitudinal and emotional—that can block or derail success and we coach our clients to develop the appropriate skill set to make positive choices and succeed.

Our Approach


"To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds". - William James 

When it comes down to it, we measure success by results for our clients.  Let's face it.  Most people know where they want to go. Our job is to remove the barriers that block success and help them get there.

Our unique, neuroscience-informed evidence based program leads to fresh perspectives and renewed focus. We use fun experiences like cooking, paint therapy, or loving on Barney, our  therapy dog to help our client's blossom into their best selves. That's how we ensure your success!

Why Us?


We are different. Our approach and our programs are unique and effective. We become a partner in the growth process and  as a result, the change in our clients  is profound.

Our School and Coaching Programs:


  • Remove the emotional barriers that interfere with harmony in the family, a student’s  learning process, or the professional's performance on the job . 
  • Stop negative self-talk, disruptive choices and unresourceful behaviors. 
  • Redirect  attitudes and choices with a focus on building skills and engaging  in vital success behaviors to achieve goals.
  • Link clients to a support network and create a closer  relationship with positive influencers. 

Meet Our Team

Faye Hargrove, PhD, CEO


"Every person has the ability to succeed if they are given the appropriate tools. It is my job to equip them with those tools."

Dr. Hargrove earned the PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Georgia.  Founder and CEO of The Better Choices Group LLC,  She has impacted the lives of thousands of people for over 20 years through coaching relationships, seminars and her book, BETTER CHOICES.  She is the founder of ReFraming Therapy, a neuroscience-informed evidenced based program for removing the stored negative emotions.


Tiffany Pope, PhD


A  Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Coach and Consultant, Dr. Tiffany Pope   has been a school counselor for 16 years and worked with children in elementary through the 12th grade.  Coach Pope earned the PhD in Professional Counseling from Capella Univerity.

"I enjoy working with parents and families on establishing boundaries and managing the increasingly difficult tasks of parenting."


Cameron Williams, MBA


"I want young people to make sound decisions that lead to fruitful lives." 

The Hampton University graduate believes that learning should be fun.  Coach Cameron draws on his experience working in corporate environments and as a trained chef.  He utilizes cooking and gardening exercises to help clients  know themselves, acknowledge their God-given gifts and be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.  


Janell Brooks, PhD


Specializing in clinical child & adolescent psychology and school psychology, Dr. Brooks earned the PhD in School Psychology from Georgia State University.  

"Every child brings their story to school. It is critically important for us to understand their circumstances if we expect to play a part in transforming their lives."

A passionate child advocate, Dr. Brooks  was a school psychologist for Coweta County and Rockdale County Schools. 


Chenille Williams, MS


"Nobody likes boring programs!  I like to keep things lively, engaging  and enjoyable while we learn and grow."

 A graduate of Bennett College for Women, Coach Chenille earned a Masters degree in Enviromental Resources Management from the University of South Carolina. 

While working at The Southeastern Academy of Natural Sciences at Phinizy Swamp, Chenille has been known to pause for a moment to take pictures of water moccasins as they swim by her while standing in the swamp teaching a science module to a group of middle school students.


Barney, Therapy Dog


Calm and non judgemental, Barney loves unconditionally and he gives everyone around him an opportunity to let go of their stress and show him some affection.

"Woof woof!"